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Onboard employees without opening an overseas entity

Hire employees in another country in a breeze. We take care of the local employment process such as contracts, payroll, compliance, and benefits giving your local employees the confidence of working with you remotely. We own the entities in all the countries we operate giving you the comfort of one entity to deal with.

Manage the employment process in a single platform. Save time and work smarter. Our platform offers everything you need to oversee employee management – from onboarding, to invoice approvals, to payments.

Approve leave and timesheets of employees and track them all in one platform.

Our global payroll experts handle all the complexity of running payroll, managing local taxes, handling time off, and more. Your employees will get paid on time the correct amount.

  • Get your team set up to work - We collect all the tax, permit, and compliance documents needed to ensure your team is ready to work compliantly wherever they live.

  • Compliant localized contracts – Our contracts, that comply with local laws, can be created and signed effortlessly They are reviewed and guaranteed to be fully compliant.

  • We are the employer - The person you hire is our employee and we take on the employment responsibility and liability.

  • You are in control – You are in control of the delivery and day to day management of the employee.

Once you onboard your employees, we take the work of benefits administration and management off your hands.

  • The IP is yours – The IP and invention that gets created are yours and you retain full ownership.

  • One unified platform for contracts, expenses, and benefits a centralized view of everything they need. Manage contracts, time off, expenses, benefits, and more. It's all there.

  • Give your team access to a Lifestyle program Card allowing them to get benefits with major retailers, food chains that your team love and keep them happy.

  • Give your team the ability to draw their payments anytime they want. Everyday Payday allows your employees to draw a portion of their funs upon completion of work each day rather than wait for a pay day with no risk to you.

  • Health insurance, benefits, and real support - Offer competitive healthcare options which are essential in attracting good talent.


Set up the contract and invite your Employee to complete onboarding

We issue contract incorporating local benefits

Local compliant contract issued

Timesheet and Leave

Employees submit timesheets and leave

Approve Invoices and Pay us

We create a request for payment for your employees

We Pay the Employee

We pay the employee on time and accurate amount


Thanks for submitting!

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