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We take the monkey off your back

Solutions for Corporates and consulting companies

SDP Global Pay facilitates borderless limitless work arrangements. Don’t restrict yourself to local talent, expand your sourcing beyond borders.  You find talent for your projects anywhere in the world, deal in any currency and in any industry, we will take care of the rest. The service is delivered with highly compliant and seamless contracting journey keeping your on-hired staff and your clients happy.


  • A highly compliant contract, timely payroll and accurate benefit calculation meeting all the local tax and labour law requirements.

  • We can engage them as employees or contractors meeting our strict classification criteria

  • The IP and invention that gets created are yours and you retain full ownership.

  • A fantastic customer journey experience for the on-hired workers

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage including professional indemnity, public liability, workers compensation and other business insurances.

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